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Oct 27, 2012 11:00am EDT
basket against lbj and if they hadn't crossed the threshold of flexibility through the texas projection measure that year on standardized tests? >> it would have been a different book. as a journalist, the serious and to to that in terms of journalistic engagement, watching what is playing out over the course of the year, i saw things going in that direction. recognized i am not going to cheer for anybody that at the same time i am not going to have as interesting a book if this doesn't have a decent ending. i don't know if anybody was here that night for that history goes pretty deep. the moment the lay up when 10, i rarely experience moment in other people's lives who are bolstering as winning both of your children. it was a good basketball game. >> okay. we are on live national television. my theory of book festivals is too many jerry springer moments. we are going to try to provoke an argument. i will probably be unsuccessful. i am going to try to get them to argue and we have time at the end for questions from the audience so if fireman's successful maybe you will be. obviously one
Oct 21, 2012 6:15am EDT
that november of 1967 on lbj's request, kennan recommended that the u.s. continued involvement in vietnam? reverse the original position suggesting that the u.s. withdraw? was kennan in that majority ended the idea of the formation of a wideman developed from biscuits -- mcnamara was the essential -- to the you believe was central? >> guest: the whiz kids and wives to 4 different. the with kids are mcnamara's advisers when he takes over the pentagon codify and defense policies. they're coming out of think tanks and they are young and strategists and mathematicians. the wise men where an informal group of advisers called in by lbj. kennan was never part of that group. kennan came out publicly against the war in vietnam. in 1966 before the senate foreign relations committee -- lbj would not have invited kennan to the white house as one of the wires men. as far as i can tell kennan went to the white house once in the johnson administration and that was the ill-fated arts and humanities festival that lbj tried to organize in spring of 1965 as the war was escalating. it was so disastrous that
Oct 17, 2012 2:30pm PDT
, dismissive of progressives. so here is the irony of this. so dr. king is a famously known as foretelling lbj -- is famously known for telling lbj, the president meeting with dr. king and asking martin to tone it down, and he said, "mr. president, it is the protests that are making a powerful." they find it annoying. they do not like the winding -- whining. it is a long way to say if you do not like being pushed by your left flank, if you do not like being pushed by people who are doing this, then what motivates you? >> there is what happens in the political atmosphere. there are a lot who need to be pushed. raising the minimum wage or doing something about jobs or immigration reform or protecting the rights of women to have choice. i think that those issues are going to come up in the second term, if there is a second term, and the protesters will make a big difference, because the moderate democrats will hear it. just as the moderate republicans had to listen to the tea party. they did not like it either. some of republicans, they did not want the tea party out there holding them accountabl
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Oct 21, 2012 1:00am EDT
of social security, memedicare, and defense. since lbj declared war on poverty in the '60s, one study shows we've handed out more than 15 -- get this -- trillion dollars with a "t" yet the poverty rate is still at 15%, and is throwing more money at the problem making it worse. >> it is, and unfortunately it is not a fincial issue, it is a cultural issue. look at also the changes in children born, out of wedlock an divorces, and, single parent households, usually a female and, no high school degree, that is where poverty comes from and the idea of paying stipend, will change the issue is naive and we are not defining the problem and, we try to solve it with the wro medicine. that what is we do here. >> what is the real problem. >> some of the welfare spending is the college grants in school and fwig-- they are trying to help, and it looks like wasted money the surface. but when the war on poverty started and lbj kent arnd the country, people were poor and the perty level was mal nourish. and no health care and today, i don't want to say you are oay. when you are poor but at the poverty leve
Oct 16, 2012 5:30pm PDT
't see again. a 15 minute standing ovation for her husband. lbj became a looming figure, his relationship with bobby was toxic, even though johnson can be heard on white house tapes trying to be upbeat on the phone. >> mr. president. >> hi, bobby. >> how are you? >> fine. >> what up close memories do you have of lyndon johnson? >> he wasn't a great bobby fan. >> and visa versa? >> yes. >> all right, we'll leave it at that. >> thank you. >> bobby kennedy broke with lbj to run for president. that ended with his assassination in los angeles. a subject his widow cannot discuss to this day. >> then we lost daddy. >> can we talk about something else? >> mrs. ethel kennedy gave birth today -- >> rory kennedy, the last of 11 kids was born six months after her father was killed, with the whole world watching. >> i told ethel, i think joan and i are going to take this baby home. we think ethel has enough of them. >> you know, i think i just couldn't help smiling. >> ethel's life with bobby was organized bedlam. she was pregnant for an astonishing 99 months of her life. it was a life of children and
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Oct 25, 2012 10:00pm PDT
obama among women. newt gingrich is here. good evening, sir. good evening from the lbj school at the university of texas, i understand, tonight? good evening from the lbj school. >> i had a wonderful time at the lbj school and grad to be here with you. >> governor romney up two mounts a month ago as president obama was up $0.07 now a nine-point differential in a month. what happened? >> let me first of all end the anxiety, greta for our many viewers. i believe the minimum result will be 5347 romney over 300 electoral votes and the republicans will pick up the senate. i base that just on years and years of experience. take a look at the momentum. james carville taught me if you are the incumbent you get the last number in the poll. you don't gain anybody. go back to the numbers you gave us. read the numbers 45, 47, 46. if that's the way he ends up and that's the cardinal rule, it's a good rule he is going to lose an amazing number of states. stat states that are tied. it means the incumbent is 47. that is called losing. when you get that kind of surge i think george allen is go
Oct 1, 2012 4:00am EDT
questions. >> in your books you talk a lot about the two sides of lbj, about the dark side and the light side. for example when president kennedy died he wrote such a moving condolence level but he could be so cool to his staff and lady bird. can you comment on that? >> did you hear the question? wonderfully well organized -- you can all hear the question. it is a rarity. johnson is that kind of a person. one of the real difficulties in writing about him. he is a person of such contrast that you feel his cruelty could be so cool and so monumental, the way he would break the rules of politics to steal the election that got him to the senate. quite a remarkable way. not at all usual -- beyond the usual bounds of politics. that is lyndon johnson. the desire to help more people, particularly for people of color. that was lyndon johnson also. >> what is your perspective on the writing of the assassination by the father of a former press secretary of president george w. bush? did you ever interview that offer? the father of scott mcclellan? >> i didn't interview him. all i can say about lyndon
Oct 1, 2012 1:15am EDT
lbj. that was -- so, you know, when i started studying poverty, it became evident to me you couldn't really understand poverty unless you understand wealth. after writing a book called "visible man about the welfare state. i wrote wealth "wealth and poverty." ronald reagan read it and he wrote me and we were off on roaring '70s. we want the roaring ma mean yum or whatever it is today. >> how do you twine wealthy. >> as value. it's a story of worth and a foundation of human creativity. it's the fruits of human creativity. and it's the fruits of surprise. my next book after this is called "knowledge and power." it's about how all enterprise ultimately based on surprise and which is if you get can predict it, you can plan it and you wouldn't need entrepreneurial surprise. the fact it's unexpected that moons it's dependent on freedom. that's why always program like solyndra and all that are based on controlling and foffing the decisions of entrepreneurs always fail because they are based on the past. they are propping up the past in the name of progress. the future will come as surpris
Oct 7, 2012 7:00am PDT
when lbj for texas. that's number one. number two, vice presidential running mates always, first thing is do no harm. we learned that obviously from sarah palin. most americans look at the vice presidential debate and say i'm still going to vote for romney or the president. unless there's a game changer like a sarah palin moment. that's not going to happen on thursday. i go back to my original point. these are two very smart people sticking to the talking points. at the end of the day, now what ryan does do for the ticket is he energizes the base on the republican side. also remember back in 2008 that joe biden and barack obama were not friends. this was a political marriage of convenience. joe biden was -- >> he has come to love him. >> understandably so. same thing with dick cheney and george w. bush. just psychologically it's like dick cheney was the grandfather that's been around for a couple times. back to romney. the question is, whether or not vice president biden will make a gaffe or if congressman ryan will say something that's so outlandish like the 47% that would be a game c
Oct 19, 2012 4:00pm PDT
that everyone can get help. >> mr. obama does not have an lbj style big vision for his second term. he says his opponent has no vision at all. >> you heard of the new deal, you have heard of the fair deal. mitt romney is trying to sell you a sketchy deal. we are not buying it. >> ohio has benefited from billions of dollars in bailouts for the auto industry. it has won mr. obama a lot of support. >> that affects one in 8 jobs in ohio. i don't think that you can be from ohio and talk about jobs without recognizing that. >> i think that we have some momentum. this will be like a square rather than a wheel. away from the liberal college campuses, they're not so convinced. in a way, the state represents what this election is really all about. it is a philosophical, almost moldavite between those who believe that government money has helped ohio and those who think it just as fervently that the government only gets in a way of the natural entrepreneurial spirit. mitt romney is campaigning hard here. >> it is freedom that drives america. >> introducing him at a rally was this woman. >> i am not a poli
Oct 7, 2012 11:00pm EDT
there are standards by which to measure progress. the profit leader, the great hero of political writing fdr, jfk lbj, and others, the profit leader are forced to tell stories about the future but can't if his will to power is sufficiently strong. if history has no happy ending at, no guaranteed values and the leader may have no choice and to -- imposes values so liberal loathsome not only has a fiscal crisis but a philosophical crisis of on guard liberals tend no longer to believe liberalism true or bright obama it is not a post modernist. but his confusion about truth visible in his discussion of slavery and declaration of independence in "audacity of hope" composite -- combined with the four of makes a harrowing combination. sonoco "i am the change" as mr. obama almost said every change is an improvement. a movement that began promising a new freedom and a new deal beyond necessity runs from the necessity of paying its own bills. a movement of complete spiritual fulfillment including the right to choose one's own values now confesses no lifestyle could be better than another. the movement that led
Oct 27, 2012 9:15am EDT
on walter cronkite and michael gillett on lbj and lady bird johnson and sunday noon to 6 h w brand on ulysses s. grant, at the mexico drug cartel and margaret draper inside the house of representatives. the texas book festival live this weekend on booktv on c-span2. now on booktv actor tony danza recounts the year he spent teaching tenth grade english in philadelphia's largest bicycle. the author before becoming an actor wanted to be a teacher, recalls the initial troubles he had engaging his students and his later breakthroughs. this is 45 minutes. [applause] >> hello, everyone. white neck. what are we going to do? i can't believe when i am standing backstage listening to carol say those things about me, i want you to know, by the way, the cameras in january, i want you to see, i thought i had figured out a way to make teaching a. make it a tv job. i could be a teacher and her tv job. they left in january and by was a real teacher. i went listening to ms. carroll say those things to me. the greatest compliment at the end of the year, i had gone through this journey with her and i
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Oct 14, 2012 10:00pm PDT
showed the environment was one of america's greatest worries. that presented an opportunity for lbj's success. >> president nixon in 1958 he was moved that get out front in the environment. >> just days after nixon took office a huge oil spill in santa barbara california and ohio's river caught fire. nixon's senior environmental advisors. >> you have rivers catching fire you better be aggressive. >> weeks after earth day in 1970 nixon established the grand new environment tal protection agency. >> it is fair to say the government does a good job at cleaning things up. >> absolutely. >> he writes extensively on green regulators. >> rivers are not catching fire any more. that's a great thing. dug through public opinion in those years. even as the nation's air and water were getting cleaner and toxic waste dumps were getting cleaned up american people were increasingly worried about the convenie environment. why is that do you think? >> we went from not worrying at all in the 40z and 50s to possibly worrying too much or worrying about the wrong things. >> blame that on environmental do
FOX News
Oct 15, 2012 1:00am PDT
of america's greatest worries. that presented an opportunity for lbj's success. >> president nixon in 1958 he was moved that get out front in the environment. >> just days after nixon took office a huge oil spill in santa barbara california and ohio's river caught fire. nixon's senior environmental advisors. >> you have rivers catching fire you better be aggressive. >> weeks after earth day in 1970 nixon established the grand new environment tal protection agency. >> it is fair to say the government does a good job at cleaning things up. >> absolutely. >> he writes extensively on green regulators. >> rivers are not catching fire any more. that's a great thing. dug through public opinion in those years. even as the nation's air and water were getting cleaner and toxic waste dumps were getting cleaned up american people were increasingly worried about the convenie environment. why is that do you think? >> we went from not worrying at all in the 40z and 50s to possibly worrying too much or worrying about the wrong things. >> blame that on environmental doomsday book beginning with silent strepri
FOX News
Oct 7, 2012 6:00pm PDT
. that presented an opportunity to lbj's successor. >> president nixon in 1968 he was moved that to say to his people get out in front of the environment. >> days after nixon took office a huge oil spill hit santa barbara. then ohio river caught fire. he was one of richard nixon's senior advisors. >> you have riverers catching fire you better be gracive. >> weeks after the first earth day in 1970 nixon established by executive order the brand new environmental protection agency. >> the government does a great job at cleaning things up. >> absolutely. >> they write extensively on green regulators. >> rivers are not catching fire any more. that's a great thing. >> we go through public opinion in those years and even as the nations air and water were getting cleaner american people were getting increasingly worried about the environment. why is that do you think? >> we went from not worrying at all in the 40s and 50s to possibly worrying too much or at least worrying about the wrong thing. >> blame that on environmental doomsday books beginning with silent spring by marine biologist rachel carson
Oct 24, 2012 4:00am PDT
bron, to terrell harris, finishing off the alley-oop. eight assists for lebron. we're spot-shadowing lbj. this is what happens when you lose track of him. lebron had ten points. and a gentle coach k. hug. >>> let's go to chicago. no kevin durant. no russell westbrook for oklahoma city. there's no derrick rose. luol deng with the steal early. this is a blind over the shoulder deal. mvp, heinrich, a nice, little layup. and james harden, to fill in for the shooter there. no westbrook and no durant. not for a lack of shooting for harden. it doesn't go. the layup, on the trim. and finally, a pump fake, no good. 2 for 17. second half, nate robinson, he's a baller. finds carlos boozer. double-double for boozer. bulls get the win. >>> world series game one tonight in san francisco. espn radio has it at 8:00 eastern. i'm randy scott. have a great day. >>> coming up next, "the pulse." and if you think you've decorated for halloween, this guy that we're going to show you could have you beat. >> classic overachiever. >>> and from the news world. fish just in. a reporter versus a very big carp. [ fem
Oct 21, 2012 6:00pm EDT
. i believe that was his view. >> joe told us that humphrey was not lbj's choice. did you get the sense that lbj was not totally behind humphrey? >> that surprises me because humphrey was faithful to johnson. he was when johnson was majority leader of the senate. i remember some of the other people talked about by johnson. dodd of connecticut, not the current dodd, but his father. he was on the list. there were some otheres s. i don't know on what basis you could say that johnson was not for humphrey for vice-president. he had the freedom to do so. i was puzzled that one of president johnson's top aides would say that johnson was not for hubert. >> i want to talk about the domestic side of the nixon's first turn. white role did you what play that extended some of the great policy during richard nixon's presidency? >> nixon was very strong in certain areas. that was on the national nutritional situation. he always understood the purposes of food stamps and the ogram. lunch pr when bob dole and i would send down and those bipartisan measures, president nixon would sign those wit
Oct 6, 2012 7:00pm EDT
much liberal political writing wilson, fdr, jfk but didn't work out as they hoped lbj and other the. the profit leader is therefore on his own. forced to tell stories about the future if history in other words has no happy ending in store, if it has no guaranteed values of its own, then the leader may have no choice but to impose his values on the chaos of time. thus liberalism has not only a fiscal crisis confronting it but a philosophical crisis. liberals especially in the academy. -- i'm happy to report, the confusion about truth very visible in his discussion of the declaration of independents and the awe disty of hope -- traditional liberal impatience with the constitution and the forms makes a heroing combination. i am the change has mr. obama almost said reminds us that not ere change is an improvement. a movement that began by promising to every american a new freedom and a new deal beyond necessaryiveness now comes from the necessity of paying its own bills. a movement that a promised complete spirit yule fulfillment in a great society including the right to choose one own'
FOX Business
Oct 24, 2012 4:00pm EDT
on. dish. >> well, again some the strongest performers were jfk, lbj, fdr and bill clinton. on republican side, dwight eisenhower and ronald reagan. ones cleaning up bottom of the batting order. ashley: that was my next question. >> george w. bush, richard nixon and gerald ford and herbert hoover was at bottom. ashley: the concept republicans are pro-business and more friendly leads obviously to better for your wallet. and that could be the same said in this current race. now you say that president obama, how is he doing in relation to the economy and in particular everybody's wallet? >> very good question. i actually wrote an op-ed about this comparing how barack obama has done in his first term comparing to ronald reagan in his first term. ashley: okay. >> coincidentally on the same 12 data points we had obama won on eight of the 12 and reagan won on four of the 12. i thought that was also interesting. keep in mind ronald reagan had a very difficult first term as well. he had unemployment up to 10.8% at one point in the latter part of 1982. he had, longest recessions we e
Oct 19, 2012 6:00pm EDT
one long distance phone call to the lbj ranch and ask that was how much effect you can have. >> you went to vietnam to see the battlefields firsthand, the jungle there were climbing some lives. his first trip was in 1975. >> i went to a hospital of american soldiers in saigon. the very first person i talked to was a captain. and the nurse who is taking me around said the captain at the silver star and the purple heart. i said, well, congratulations, capt. but as i did so, his lips started to quiver. i look down and his feet were gone. he had stepped on a mine and blown off his feet about 6 inches above the ankles. i visited with him for a while and said, well, congratulations again, capt., on the purple heart. he said, that is easy to get in this damn place. i went to a civilian hospital or the vietnamese were being cared for they were the victims of shrapnel from american gunfire. one woman had a baby she was holding. the baby's head was completely wrapped in bandages this except for the eyes. i asked her if she would mind if i took a picture of her and that baby. she picked up an
Oct 7, 2012 3:00pm EDT
gave lbj, he knew then that the north vietnamese torpedo votes did not carry outh the secondap attack. kne tha therefore, you know, you couldan see so many similarities, especiallyh we would have intoht the war in ira iq and everywher. in short to say that yes, documents were >> with the benefit of hindsight, and archival any ldsearch, were there any cou policies were strategies thatim the united states could have adopted at the time to achieves. objectives?ians >> there are two types of historians. h historians love to do theat,hat counter actuals, and those who's on the other side, it was a goou question. i would say no. even thoughy i say that in certain ways, the unsung heroes of my book are basically ho chi minh and general lu han, they were the moderates of the war. t it would be incredible to thinkb about how how different the world and how they have been b involved. it would've been far less bloody for the vietnamese communists. but there was no way that wee could have defeated him. so even one of the things thatcb his damage that american bombings was doing in nor
Oct 20, 2012 7:00pm EDT
-third of a nation ill housed, ill clothed and ill feed. then you go to lbj he was most the effective legislator to ever live in the white house. how did johnson do that? first of all, by manipulating people and twisting arms. how did lyndon janson get the civil rights ability packed? he had scotch every singling night with that man. they talked through it all. and they basically ended up, you know, republican voter for cloture. it happened. i don't think hillary clinton is going drink scotch every night with everybody. i think she would basically try to work with people like lindsey graham, assuming he's in the u.s. senate and basically try to create these. i think obama thought he had that with boehner, and then it blew up in his face. hilary would have handled that differently, i think. >> the comment on several characters. jim and susan mcdewing l, james carville, and what lead to the suicide of vitamin sent foster. [whistling] >> how much time do we have? [laughter] first of all, jim mcdoug l is kind of a weird person. he has a lot of psychology abnormalities, and he is very manipulative, a
Oct 27, 2012 10:00am EDT
on walter cronkite and michael gillett on texas native lbj and lady bird johnson. sunday from noon to 6:00 each w brand on ulysses s. grant, infiltrating mexico's drug cartel and robert draper inside the house of representatives. the texas book festival live this weekend on booktv on c-span2. .. [applause] >> well, one of the things that's fun for me about being here tonight, as gary mentioned, i am from san louis. it's always good to do these things in san louis. i have some wonderful people who shape my life in the front row. my second grade teacher. please help me to welcome that. [applause] and i know that if this book can have the kind of affect on just one person's life that pat and my other teachers had on me, this will be a very successful book. thank you very much for being matter tonight. i will begin the book reading cry from the very beginning where i asked jack people to imagine themselves in the navy seals training. this is out its starts. you stand in freezing water up to your chest. every muscle in your body throbs with pain. you're exhausted beyond anything you could ev
Oct 30, 2012 10:00pm PDT
was underwater and it was -- it was a lesson. 1965 when hurricane betsy hit lbj went to the stricken area. he even went in a boat with a flashlight shining in his own face and saying i care. so when you watch president obama tomorrow go to new jersey and look at some of the devastation, it is very important because the president is telling all of us he's our representative. that we really care about these eight million people or more without electricity and about the 40 or 50 dead so far and about all of the people being inconvenienced let alone the economic devastation. >> jennifer: so generally who do natural disasters help? do they generally help the the cumbent or the challenger? i suppose that's how the incumbent handles it, right? >> it depends on how the incumbent handles it. in one way president obama's been -- has been able to, you know, kind of stop whatever poll momentum romney seemed to be getting or at least we were all talking about 50 different polls from ohio. you don't hear about them anymore. since presi
FOX News
Sep 30, 2012 11:00pm PDT
a president can really do. >> chris: robert carol spent almost half his life telling the story of lbj. he says he is a not a power, how. you get it and what you do with it and johnson he says was a genius at both. >> chris: how long did you think it was going to take you? >> i thought about ten years. >> chris: and now we are, what, 36 years into this? >> something like that. >> chris: the breadth and depth of the work is stunning. since 1976, caro has written four books, 3400 pages, winning almost every award there is starting with the pulitzer and not yet to johnson and vietnam. why has it taken so long? when caro looked at how johnson was first elec elected so the e in 1948 by 40 votes he wrote a book about it. >> nobody has ever looked and said this is what a stolen election it. >> chris: and the late evangelicals tells how johnson succeeded john kennedy and saved his agenda. >> he takes legislation that wasn't going to pass civil rights, the tax cut bill and in an in tant johnson gets it moving towards passage. >> thank you very, very, very much. >> chris: last week, caro took part in the
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 112 (some duplicates have been removed)